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Why So Many Things

by scottgilesmusic scottgilesmusic on 06/14/13

This is the first entry of my new Blog. I've put off having a blog of any kind... it just seemed so "trendy." But trendy isn't necessarily a bad thing. This is a pretty 21st Century mode of communication and it gives me a chance to answer some questions right up front... the kind of questions that I would certainly be asking.

Questions such as: why are you, Scott Giles, doing so many things?

Most folks are a lawyer or a plumber or an English teacher or whatever. Why are you a writer, a musician and an artist and why are you teaching so much... STUFF?

For one thing, this is what I do for a living. I don't work at a lumber yard or an office and do this on the side. This is my gig. And I've been learning and practicing these arts and crafts for a long time. When you've been doing things for decades, gradually adding more skills, more elements, expanding your knowledge base and expanding your experience it eventually blossoms into the ability to do a lot of stuff and to teach a lot of stuff.

I started teaching in 1984. To this day I feel badly for my first students, who seemed to have learned despite my lack of experience. Over time, I read more about teaching, talked to teachers, experimented and noted what worked and what didn't and I also learned more instruments, more techniques in art and so on and so forth. 

And that is part of the story of how I got into teaching so much stuff. 

The other part of it is this: I love teaching. Yeah, just about everybody says that, but I really mean it. I love to teach. I love the interaction, I love the questions that remind me I don't know everything, I love the way people smile when they have that "Ah ha!" moment when they've learned something new and significant. I love it.

I love it.

And so I compose and make art and write and play a bunch of instruments and that's the cake of my life. And the icing on that cake is teaching.

That's why I do so many things. That's why I teach so many things.

June 10th, 2013


by scottgilesmusic scottgilesmusic on 06/14/13

Music is more than a hobby. Well, it is to some. That's one of the important things about teaching... you have to keep in mind who your student is and what they want. Not everyone has the same agenda. 

Some want to play as a pastime, others want training for a career and some wish to be serious artists (and hopefully, the careerist is actually interested in all three of these things). Some people don't know why they want to play an instrument.

It's important that people are instructed with a thought to who they are and what they want and are not treated as some generic student. 

Knowing people, understanding how to work with them and getting across unfamiliar ideas and techniques are part of the art of teaching. 

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